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The Carpenters Union is more than 520,000 highly skilled men and women throughout the building-trades industries. The UBC represents and offers training to North America's union carpenters, cabinetmakers, millwrights, piledrivers, lathers, framers, floorlayers, roofers, drywallers, and workers in forest-products and related industries.

Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional
Council of Carpenters

Bill Waterkotte, Executive Secretary-Treasurer
650 Ridge Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone:  412-922-6205
Fax:  412-922-6032

Keystone Mountain Lakes
Regional Council of Carpenters

110 Boyle Lane Suite 2
Parkersburg, WV 26104
Phone: 304-485-2300
Toll Free:  877-200-2073
Fax: 304-485-2750

WV Carpenter Union Training Center
110 Boyles Lane
Parkersburg, WV  26104
Phone:  304-428-1891
Toll Free:  866-428-1891
Fax:   304-428-8081

Jeremy Jeffers, WV Training Coordinator


Carpenters Local Union 436
609 Broadway Avenue
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone:  304-842-5431
Fax:  304-842-5125

Joe Elliott  304-494-5885
Mike Jenkins 304-494-5353

Carpenters Local Union 439
PO Box 606
Charleston WV 25322
1560 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25311
Phone:  304-342-3004
Fax:  304-342-3069

Luke Begovich 304-550-5790
Michael "Scott" Brewer 304-545-3366
Randall May 304-541-8465
Chad McCallister 304-542-9202
Gary McCallister 304-494-1606

"If you work for a living, we're working for you." ™ 

Carpenters Local Union 432
Jody Bonfini, Service Representative

650 Ridge Road Suite 200
Pittsburgh PA 15205
Phone:  412-922-6205
Fax:  412-9226032
Cell:  304-233-2500

Millwright Local Union 443
Jesse R. Stacy, II, Organizer/Council Rep
Phone:  304-422-1593   

Millwright Local Union 443 Training Center
Clint McFee, WV Training Coordinator
Phone:  304-422-7637
Fax:  304-422-7573

Carpenters Local Union 423
327 North Centre Street
Cumberland, MD  21502
Phone:  301-722-2141
Fax:  301-724-5576

Robert Reckart, Council Rep
Cell:  301-338-3392

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