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District Council

The Laborers are one of the fastest-growing unions in North America. Laborers fight for more opportunity for workers and employers, and for better wages, good benefits and safe jobsites. Laborers build everything from skyscrapers to tunnels. Union Laborers make buildings safe by removing hazardous materials like asbestos and lead. Laborers also serve the public in hospitals and governments across the continent. Laborers unite for the voice we deserve in important political issues.

West Virginia Appalachian Laborers 

District Council
Craig Harvey,  Business Manager
One Union Square Suite 5
Charleston, WV 25302
Phone: 304-346-0581
Toll Free: 800-648-4831
Fax: 304-346-1959

Pamela Dawson, Secretary

Matt McComas, Organizer
Phone:  304-697-2144
Cell:  304-941-3990

Robert Richard, Organizer  
2110 Lumber Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26033
Phone:  304-243-7000
Fax:  304-243-7002
Cell:  304-238-8863

Henry Neal, Organizer
Phone: 304-632-2223
Cell: 304-545-7483

Laborers Local Union 379
Jason Hershman, Business Manager  

168 Dents Run Road
Morgantown WV 26505
Phone: 304-296-4631
Fax: 304-291-3849
Cell: 304-677-4631

Laborers Local Union 984
Rick McGrady, Business Manager
2027 Hamill Avenue
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Phone: 304-622-7841
Fax: 304-622-4812
Cell: 304-669-3832

Laborers Local Union 1085
Jessie King, Business Manager
3205 Dudley Avenue
Parkersburg  WV  26104-1813
Phone: 304-485-6357
Fax: 304-485-1543
Cell:  304-916-0288

Laborers Local Union 1149
Justin Gray, Business Manager
2110 Lumber Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: 304-243-7000
Fax: 304-243-7002
Cell: 304-639-1140

Laborers Local Union 1353
Shane Dillon, Business Manager
One Union Square Suite 2
Charleston WV 25302
Phone: 304-343-9641
Fax: 304-343-3521

Cell: 304-382-6559

Calvin Brogan, Field Representative
Cell:  304-550-0171

West Virginia Laborers Training Trust Fund
Ross McPherson, Director
PO Box 6
307 Tracewell Road
Mineralwells, WV 26150
Phone:  304-489-6357

"If you work for a living, we're working for you." ™

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